Catacomb Maze
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The new maze titled, "Catacomb" is now officially open! Come explore the catacombs underneath spawn! (You'll have to find the entrance in /spawn!)
Four Corners Maze
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The new maze titled, "Four Corners" is now officially open! Check it out at /games 3. With four different mazes inside of one, it just shows that you should really come and check it out!

Maze created by HiggiMC
Survival Building Contest
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I am super excited to announce a build contest for the server -- survival edition! That's right this competition is completely survival building. You can find some info in-game at /warp SurvContest and most of the info at
The contest starts now and will go until Feb. 20th. This way you have plenty of time to build and submit your builds. :)
Make sure to check out the above form post!
Winter Raffle Winners Announced
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After a few weeks of players earning and buying tickets, I am happy to announce the results of the Winter Raffle! Winners can pick up their prize(s) at /warp Raffle. The winners are listed below with the amount of tickets they earned and/or purchased in parentheses.

8hu (220)
G_Mannn (915)
DestinyCheeseHmn (292)
HiggiMC (569)
vClockworkv (131)
G_Mannn (915)
Sykhoz (320)
LinkGoesRawr (425)
G_Mannn (915)
Emedetter (110)

Congratz to all and thanks for participating! If you have any questions about results, please message me :)
Please pick up your prizes by the 22nd of this month or they will be rerolled.
Winter Raffle Open!
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After much preparation, the Winter Raffle is now open!!!! You can check out the prizes at /warp Raffle. You can purchase up to 1,000 tickets for 500R each with the /raffle command, and you can win even more from staff by competing in contests or from good behavior. You never know when a staff might host event so make sure to always be watching!

A little bird told me there might be quests for more tickets at /warp Raffle, I guess you'll just have to see if the rumor is true!

The end date is an 6th so work on getting those tickets in!
If you have any questions contact about it, contact a staff member :)
Holiday EL Island
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I'm excited to announce that after a lot of preparation and hard work, a Holiday Themed Explorers League island is now open! Use /explore to see if you are close to a spot, and you can get a varying amount of tokens to spend the Prize Carnival, for each spot you find.

You can access it from a portal in spawn :)

If you find any problems with it, please let a staff member know!


The island will close New Years Day, January First, so start finding those spots and earning tokens!
Welcome to Staff Higgi! (sorry we're late)
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We'd love to announce that HiggiMC is our newest staff member! We can 'bearly' contain our excitement at his promotion! Don't be afraid to ask for his help, he's 'clawly' suited for this job!
Cake Maze Open!
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After lots of hard work, the Cake Maze, is finally open! Come hop on and explore!
Runic 5.0 Beta-Launch!!
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We'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who came online and worked through all the bugs to get Runic 5.0 beta-launched.

We achieved 20+ players on at once, and had a successful opening day! Players explored and found hidden treasures, and reignited their passion for Runic Paradise. It was a really enjoyable experience, and with this opening, I'd say Runic's future is looking bright :)

So, from all of Runic Staff...
A sincere thank you for waiting for us and being patient and being awesome players! <3

-players holding their special cake and special beta-opening day tickets in the new spawn
Runic Paradise 5.0 Launch Date Announced!
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Hey everyone! We're finally are able to stop saying "soon" and let you all know when!

We're going to do a "soft-opening", where everything will be reset, but not all of Runic's content will be available. There will most likely be bugs all across the board. This will occur on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH. You're welcome to come and start your new survival builds and start exploring - and you can help us squash those bugs in the process! These bugs shouldn't impact anything too heavily on your reset and starting experience in Runic Kingdom (the new name for the survival map!).

As a refresh - here is what is being reset!

  • Inventories
  • Enderchest
  • Balances
  • Soft reset on McMMo levels
  • Job levels reset (masteries are kept though)
  • Survival world (duh)

Here's what's new!

  • New spawn
  • New town
  • New warps and system
  • New 1.13 survival world
  • New EL locations
  • New plugins
  • New perks
  • New 1.13 maze - Aqua Maze
  • New...
Staff Profile: Corc!
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The Runic Universe Staff Team would like to introduce itself through a series of staff profiles. Take a moment to get to know us better - learn a little more about who's helping you (or putting you behind bars 😈). Without further ado... I give you Corc!
Click to read on....
Runic Universe 5.0 is Getting Closer
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The much-anticipated survival reset is nearer every day! However, a map reset is not all that is included in Runic Universe 5.0. Read here to find out what will be changing!
New website on the way!
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Hi! A new website is on the way! Pardon our dust in the meantime. Click Forums up above to get into the forums. Your old username/password will still work fine! :cool:
Runic Reset News
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Hello Runic citizens and friends! Due to the confusion that has ensued the last few months, staff has agreed to publish what exactly will be resetting in these next few weeks. Read on to find out more!
New Helper - Phantom!
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Congratulations to our newest Helper, fullphantomblaze! Her dedication to the server and kindness to all of Runic's players has made her perfect for this position, so don't be afraid to ask her for help! She doesn't bite. Probably.
New Paintball Arena
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Do you have a thirst for treasure and fallen enemies? Care for a tropical beach with a little bit of snow to refresh you? Then the right place for you is between all the Pirate skirmish on the new paintball map, Pirate's Paradise! You can join this arena with your fellow players with the command /paintball join Pirates. The map is big, so make sure to gather a lot of friends! The map creators will try to formally open it on Sunday, March 25th afternoon-evening (4pm EST / 9pm GMT onwards) by gathering the players online for a good time.
Winter Raffle Winners
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The Winter Raffle has closed, and the drawing has been completed. Players had the chance to win a maximum of 3 out of the 16 prizes! And the winners have been selected early. Read on to find out who won!
Bottled Exp!
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Check out Runic Paradise Survival's newest plugin! Bottled Exp allows players to store their experience in bottles o' enchanting. Simply left click an enchantment table with a glass bottle, or try out some of the new commands with /bottle!