Winter Raffle Winners Announced

After a few weeks of players earning and buying tickets, I am happy to announce the results of the Winter Raffle! Winners can pick up their prize(s) at /warp Raffle. The winners are listed below with the amount of tickets they earned and/or purchased in parentheses.

8hu (220)
G_Mannn (915)
DestinyCheeseHmn (292)
HiggiMC (569)
vClockworkv (131)
G_Mannn (915)
Sykhoz (320)
LinkGoesRawr (425)
G_Mannn (915)
Emedetter (110)

Congratz to all and thanks for participating! If you have any questions about results, please message me :)
Please pick up your prizes by the 22nd of this month or they will be rerolled.