The Rules

We want to maintain a family-friendly community.

  • Language must be kept "clean" - no vulgar or hateful messages in public chat channels allowed.
  • No trolling or stirring up fights. Take fights to private messages or somewhere else.
  • Avoid chat inappropriate for kids (such as drug or adult references).
  • Do not advertise for other services or Minecraft servers while on Runic.
  • Staff will have final say if you need to stop doing something.

We want to offer a fun, balanced, and lag-free Minecraft experience.

  • Mob spawners cannot be broken or moved to keep them spread out in the world.
  • Pigman, iron golem, and enderman farms are not allowed in Survival.
  • Going AFK at a mob grinder that piles up mobs forever is not allowed.
  • Farm pens must not be overcrowded. If animals are jumping around or in circles, its too many!
  • Maximum 500 animals in one loaded farm (10x10 chunk zone) even if the pens have ample space.
  • Griefing is not allowed. Do not break blocks, kill mobs, or steal items from other members.
  • Leveling mcmmo/jobs should not be done while AFK (i.e. afk fishing, repair, etc)

We want to keep gameplay as fair as possible.

  • Do not use any client mods or hacks that give you an unfair advantage over other players.
  • If yours is not on the approved list, ask before using it! Cheating will get you banned.

    Approved Client Mods:

    > HUD mods
    > Mini maps (note that mob radar must be disabled)
    > Optifine
    > Cape mods
    > Shaders
    > Player model mods
    > Inventory tweaks
    > WorldEditCUI
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    Jul 29, 2018
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