Survival Building Contest


Staff member
Dec 22, 2015
After much requesting from players, there will be another building contest -- survival style!
1) Don't cheat any materials in
2) All builds must follow server rules (no inappropriate builds!)
3) Submit Via Mail
4) Have Fun!
They are pretty simple rules. To submit your build just /mail send HiggiMC <coords X Y Z>. You can even put a little note on what your build means to you (if you'd like, optional)

The Prizes are as follow;
1st Place
-25 Faith Levels (any faith)
-HDB Perks (
-75,000 Runics
-1st Place Trophy

2nd Place
-25 Faith Levels (any faith)
-50,000 Runics
-2nd Place Trophy

3rd Place
-25 Faith Levels (any faith)
-25,000 Runics
-3rd Place Trophy

You can see the prizes ingame at /warp SurvContest
If you have any questions regarding the contest or how it all works feel free to contact me or a staffer on discord, or in-game :)
The contest will end Feb. 20th which gives you plenty of time to build and submit with staff judging builds afterwards.
Any rule breaking can get your build disqualified.