Spring Raffle Winners Announced!

After a few weeks of players earning and buying tickets, I am happy to announce the results of the Spring Raffle! Winners can pick up their prize(s) at /warp raffle. The winners are listed below with the amount of tickets they earned and/or purchased in parentheses.

G_Mannn (1205)
Prof. Kim. (365)
iDeb (155)
HiggiMC (420)
Jonham714 (178)
jobsnel (160)
leprosy_boy (10)
jobsnel (160)
HiggiMC (420)
G_Mannn (1205)
vClockworkv (226)
vClockworkv (226)

Please pick up your prizes by the 22nd of May 2019 or they will be rerolled.



New Member
Dec 2, 2015
1205 raffle tickets and i got two prizes same as someone with 160 and 226. RNG was not in my favor apparently ...
Jul 11, 2020
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