2020 Summer Creative Contest Winners!

Runic's longest creative contest yet, the 2020 Summer Creative Contest has finally ended! With a challenging theme of Amusement Parks and Funfairs, players competed against each other to build the most impressive, most fun amusement parks known to Minecraftkind--and we were not disappointed. All participants built incredible parks with actually usable rides and games, and some pretty magnificent rollercoasters! Of course, what fun is a contest without one-of-a-kind prizes? Without further ado, I give you the contest winners--

1st Place: Helperbot5000 & ILoveBaconYUM
2nd Place: Thing1A2

3rd Place: RegeneratedLog & Platina32

4th Place: Sovngarde195
5th Place: iDeb

Winners, please redeem your prizes at /games 8 in the Survival world!! All participants also receive a participant reward. Ask staff for it!!
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Jul 11, 2020
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