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    Shopkeepers Tutorial

    Hiya! So you've been given access to use a shopkeeper... great! First thing's first; you need a villager spawn egg. Get one from staff. Hold the spawn egg and right click in the air (not on a block). You will cycle through buying (player buys stuff from your shopkeeper in exchange for...
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    Cake room / Spider grinder

    Is that in the main survival world? I don't see a grinder or barrier blocks at those coords
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    EL Update

    yay Higgi! :)
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    Guess who's back!

    Welcome back Papi! :)
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    Staff Profile: Corc!

    Hello! The Runic Universe Staff Team would like to introduce itself through a series of staff profiles. Take a moment to get to know us better - learn a little more about who's helping you (or putting you behind bars 😈). Without further ado... I give you Corc! Greetings, earthlings. I'm...
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    Comment by 'Rune' in media 'Rune'

    This is like a where's waldo, I had to really search to find myself lol 🔎
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    [Game] Count to 301

    4 !!
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    Runic Reset News

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    Runic Reset News

    Hello Runic citizens and friends! Due to the confusion that has ensued the last few months, staff has agreed to publish what exactly will be resetting in these next few weeks. Old player stats will be immortalized and stats will start anew. Inventory, souls, money and map will all be getting a...
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    New Helper - Phantom!

    Congratulations to our newest Helper, fullphantomblaze! Her dedication to the server and kindness to all of Runic's players has made her perfect for this position, so don't be afraid to ask her for help! She doesn't bite. Probably.
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    New Paintball Arena

    Do you have a thirst for treasure and fallen enemies? Care for a tropical beach with a little bit of snow to refresh you? Then the right place for you is between all the Pirate skirmish on the new paintball map, Pirate's Paradise! You can join this arena with your fellow players with the command...
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    Winter Raffle Winners

    The Winter Raffle has closed, and the drawing has been completed. Players had the chance to win a maximum of 3 out of the 16 prizes! And the winners have been selected early. Here they are: TheTachyon enzem SLOJAVI Piglover890 Dudepig64 007_James_007 Dudepig64 herbykit SLOJAVI rollie123...
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    Bottled Exp!

    Check out Runic Paradise Survival's newest plugin! Bottled Exp allows players to store their experience in bottles o' enchanting. Simply left click an enchantment table with a glass bottle, or try out some of the new commands with /bottle!
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    La da di da da!

    Hiya :rolleyes:
  15. Creative Castle

    Creative Castle