Player Ranks

If you're looking for info about ranks, you're in the right place! Remember that all of our ranks are free - you do not need to pay any money to promote! If you do want to donate, you'll get some special perks... but that is separate from our ranks.

Donator Perks

Members with any rank can donate to the server (at the store here) to purchase special perks and help contribute to the cost of running the server. The perks offered here are subject to change, though changes for the worst are not expected unless certain plugins become outdated or unsupported. There is no visible change to your name/rank/color in-game. Please see the donation store for specific perks available - options include /rpfix, /back, up to 100 homes, and more!


Cannot build until promoted to seeker.


Can set 4 homes with /sethome, can use sun and moon faiths, teleport to friends with /tpa, check when someone was last online with /seen. All teleports have 30 second cooldown. Can build up to 2 turrets.


Can set 6 homes with /sethome, consolidate inventory with /stack, see who is nearby with /near, can teleport without cooldown, can use colored chat in private messages (see /info colors). Can break the graves of other players.


Can set 9 homes with /sethome, can use colored chat everywhere (see /info colors), can check balance of others (/bal name), can promote newbies, keeps 5% of experience after death.


Can set 12 homes with /sethome, can summon friends with /tpahere, can wear blocks with /hat.


Can set 15 homes with /sethome, can protect regions, can create slot machine signs.


Can set 18 homes with /sethome, can place colored signs, keeps 10% of experience after death, can create player skulls (with a cooldown) using /face.


Can set 21 homes with /sethome, can make player heads.


Can set 24 homes with /sethome, can create stargates.


Can set 27 homes with /sethome, can mute players (*see note below), keeps 15% of experience after death.


Can set 30 homes with /sethome, can jail players (*see note below).


Can set 33 homes with /sethome. Can build up to 4 turrets.


Can choose rank/name chat colors of green or dark green, keeps 20% of experience after death. Can build up to 8 turrets. Can capture pigs, sheep, cows, chickens, and squids with mobcatcher eggs.


Can choose rank/name chat colors from Duke rank, yellow, or gold. Can build up to 12 turrets. Can capture wolves, ocelots, rabbits, and bats with mobcatcher eggs.

Count - Coming Soon

Can choose rank/name chat colors from Duke rank, Baron rank, aqua, dark aqua, or blue. Can build up to 16 turrets. Can capture iron golems, snow golems, villagers, and llamas with mobcatcher eggs.

Lord - Coming Soon

Keeps 25% of experience after death. Can choose rank/name chat colors from Duke rank, Baron rank, Count rank, light purple, dark purple, red, or white. Can build up to 20 turrets. Can capture all peaceful mobs with mobcatcher eggs.


Staff is broken into 4 ranks, with more powers being available to each level. See here for info on staff ranks.

*Note regarding ranks with the ability to promote and punish: these abilities are granted to upper-ranked players so they can contribute responsibly to the server being a fun place for everyone. Server staff have the ability to easily remove these commands from anyone who abuse them. So please don't. :)
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    Jul 29, 2018
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