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May 30, 2015
Just a collection of information I have come across in my hunt to become a better SB player...... [15]

/is will take you to your island spawn
/is cp will open up the Island control panel = an easy way to see warps, SB shop, challenges, etc.....
/is level will so your island level (you can see the top 10 from the control panel)
/is sethome (number of homes will be linked to your rank) /is can save you if your quick enough in the event you fall off your island.

You can allow players to visit your island by adding a sign to the spot you want players to be teleported to when they do /Is Warp <Name>. You can also see all welcome warps in the /is cp menu
This will let you show up in the control panel warp menu.
The sign should say [Welcome] on the first line. The other lines can be blank or have some text in them. This way everyone can see your island listed in /Is Warps and visit it.

Some of the "farms" or generators you're going to probably be looking to make are as follows: Crop farm (pumpkin, melon, wheat, potato, carrot, sugar cane, cocoa beans), Cactus farms, Mob farms, Villager/Iron Golem farms, Tree farms, Mushroom farms, Obsidian generator, fishing pool/squid pool, slime farm, and Nether portal pigman farms. There are a TON of good Skyblock tutorial vids out there on youtube. Take a look around and do your research, you'll be glad you did.

"oh no my cactus ate ____" keep your cactus farm away from everything else, if something flies off and hits/lands on a cactus, its gone! (this also goes for your lava in your cobble generator)

Fences/wall blocks around your island is a great way to stop that "oh god im going to fall off the edge of this any second" feeling. Set them up as soon as possible.

light everything up!! because mobs can and will spawn once your island is big enough. Gates and/or walls between areas are also a good idea, on the off chance your lighting isn't perfect.

NEVER put grass/dirt straight above the void! alwaysalwaysalways have a block below it. Dirt is so valuable you don't want to lose it to the void!

Building a large square platform below y40 is a fantastic idea for 2 reasons: 1) slimes! Useful for pistons, slime blocks, and the repeatable reward for the quest is quite nice. Also squishy green friends? Also, a giant square platform will be good if you *do* accidentally drop something. Slimes will spawn in 1/10 chunks, so your platform might have to be sort of large unless you get lucky. But a 3/3 chunk (48x48 blocks, if centred right) is 9 chunks, which statistically speaking is pretty likely to have slimes. but the bigger the better for item collection reasons anyway! Light this platform up! slimes can spawn at any light level, and you don't want to have to fight creepers as well.

Keep everything valuable in your chest.

Keep everything. Sell or trade anything you have that is extra but do not assume anything at all is "worthless". IE. If you have an extra stack of melon slices they might be used in a later challenge.

Do your challenges. They give you good stuff that you'll need.

Use the "sneak" mode to avoid walking off the edge of the world unintentionally. Hold down the shift key as you move around to engage the "sneak" mode.

Plant your seeds and saplings, things take a long time to grow, get this done early.
Gather wood and saplings from the first tree. No saplings = no more trees, so if you do not collect at least one sapling from your first tree, you will need to start over.

You can improve your chances of catching saplings by using a few dirt blocks from your top layer to expand the platform out and around the bottom of the tree.

Plant a sapling on a block of dirt furthest from your spawn corner. This will keep the tree away from your lava and prevent loss of a tree (and apples and saplings) to a fire later.

Building a platform ~9 blocks above your saplings will stop giant oaks! And 2x2 spruce trees don't have sneaky branches but yield lots of wood, once you get them.

Harvest wood and saplings each time the tree matures... replant the sapling and use the wood for more tools, charcoal, etc.
Tree Farming:

Use the wood from your tree to craft a workbench. Craft a wooden pickaxe. Be careful to reserve two wood blocks (don't turn them into planks) to create your first charcoal later.

Create a 2X2 water pool from the two ice blocks in your supply chest. You should have enough dirt to create a 2x2 pool, but you can use plank blocks on the side which will be furthest from your lava if necessary. This will create a never ending water supply since any bucket pulled from this pool is replenished automatically.

Create a cobblestone generator. If you screw up your cobblestone generator and make obsidian you can right-click it with your bucket to turn it into lava again. At the bottom of the island is a block of bedrock, use this as a backstop behind your cobblestone generator so you can't mine the wall out. One of the simplest methods is to dig a hole 4 blocks long and the second block 2 blocks deep.Now put a bucket of water on the end with the 2 deep hole and lava on the other end.

To make a basic cobble generator do it in this form:
D=Dirt, W=Water, S=air space, L=Lava
An alternate, more compact generator can be made as follows: (D=Dirt block, A= Air block, C=Cobblestone block, W= Water
and L=Lava)

Once you get redstone, a slime ball and 2 iron build a cobble generator that doesn't lose cobble in the lava.

You can combine your water source and your cobblestone generator if you wish.

"Mine" the cobblestone from your generator, using the stone to create a furnace/kiln and better pickaxes to replace the original wooden one when it breaks. When you get enough iron, make an iron block to put next to your generator, you can repair your stone pick ax as your mining, this will save on wood sticks, you will only use 2 cobble on repair every 2 to 3 stacks of cobble mined.

*Note: some players will want to make a stone generator later on. stone is made by lava flowing down onto a water flow. "Dont drop lava on your water source block" The reason for a stone generator is mining cobble will not increase your mining skill. I will update this post when a solution is found but right now there is a "lag/update" issue that causes the lava to move faster than the lava and your stone will generate in the wrong location "breaking" your machine.

Craft a furnace/kiln from eight cobblestone and burn one block of wood using the second reserved block of wood as fuel to get your first charcoal. Once you have 1 charcoal use it to "cook" more wood to make more charcoal, once you have charcoal never use wood as fuel, you got a lot more cook time using charcoal.

Now that you have charcoal you can craft torches. "Let there be light!"

Use sticks and some of the string from the supply chest to craft a fishing rod. With the fishing rod and your furnace, you can keep yourself fed while waiting for your garden to produce.

Continue to generate and harvest cobblestone. Once you have a supply of cobblestone, extend your platform to the bottom of the island and collect the dirt, taking care not to mess up the cobble generator.

NOTE: If you craft cobblestone slabs, you can double the surface area you can create with the same amount of raw material. This slab method also has the advantages of preventing mobs from spawning in dimly lit areas.

NOTE: You have only a limited number of dirt blocks. One way to avoid losing dirt blocks is to create a platform or "tray" underneath your SkyBlock to catch anything that falls off the top.

You can do this by opening a one block hole in your cobblestone and placing a bucket of water into it, creating a waterfall that you can swim down through.

Drop down and place 4 blocks of cobblestone in a column/tower going down. Swim back up for air, then drop back down through the water to place a single block perpendicular to your column at the bottom of your column directly under your original hole... and swim back up.
Hop out of the water, pick up the water with the bucket.

Place a ladder and drop back down to the bottom perpendicular block you placed and build/expand a lower level or "tray" 4 blocks below your original SkyBlock.

Build yourself a mob grinder. This will give you access to mob drops such as string, bones (bone meal for gardening), specialized tools, etc.
There are several plans for this online:

Mushrooms naturally generate in poorly lit areas (light level of 12 or less) and can not have open sky above them.
Also please note: DO NOT try and plat a mushroom while you have both red and brown in your inventory as this will activate shroom thumb, a mcmmo Herbalism skill. If successful, it will turn the block of dirt into a block of mycelium.

you can create a natural spreading farm or grow giants (bonemeal needed) see below for some ideas.

Huge mushrooms can be grown by applying bone meal to a small red or brown mushroom that is planted on dirt, coarse dirt, grass block, podzol or mycelium. In open daylight, it requires more bone meal on podzol than on mycelium to grow.

They require a 7×7×6 to 7×7×8 space to grow depending on their height, not counting any spaces occupied by partial blocks. The bottom-most layer (where the mushroom is placed) only requires blocks immediately adjacent to the source mushroom to be free, not counting diagonal blocks.

A huge mushroom will only grow if there is sufficiently low light, or if grown on mycelium or podzol.

A huge mushroom will not grow above the height limit.

The grass is critical. Do not harvest all your dirt, the grass will spread, keep at least one piece at all times.

Create a "pasture" 24 blocks away from your main work area in order to spawn animals for food and other resources.

Spawn passive mobs: Lay out as much grass as you can, circle it with a fence and stay 24-120 blocks away from it, hopefully some passive animals will spawn there.
Detailed rules for passive mob spawning can be found here:

Spawn Squid. Make a deep pool by blocking off a space fill it with water 1 layer deep. This is the bottom. Above it make another ring of stone the same size and in the same place and place water into it so it flows down and meets with the layer you made earlier (IE, you put one layer of water at the bottom, and one layer of water at the top and it flows together, without the layer at the bottom it won't work. I made my upper level 120 levels above the lower one). The game will think this is a filled pool. Squid will spawn here, kill for ink and exp.

Nether, some challenges will give you obsidian to make your nether portal, 2 wide, 3 tall, use a filler block for the corners or you won't have enough. Now with flint and tinder (1 iron and 1 flint "flint should come from mining gravel"), light your portal.

You will have a chest and 2 nether islands. Watch out for random lava throughout your islands and don't anger the pig men!
Build a large platform to make fighting and farming Gast (for tears) easier.

*Note: with a dirt block, tree sapling, and some bonemeal (to grow faster) you can get glow stone trees, "wood" will be gravel and leaves will be glow stone, also note tree feller ability will not work on these "trees"

Island Level:

The rest is up to you. Expand your house, create a more efficient mob grinder, make a large mob farm, the possibilities are endless.

Skyblock ends when either you have completed all the challenges, or are unable to go any further without cheating. [28]

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Player OcAMD - mob trap image
SeveLayerJedi and LunarRevival - Skyblock Level Chart
Apr 30, 2016
Re: Skyblocks Tips, Tricks, & Information (Temp location)

<r>This is so helpful thank you <E>[13]</E> <E>[15]</E></r>


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Dec 14, 2015
Re: Skyblocks Tips, Tricks, & Information (Temp location)

<r>Wow this is so helpful since im a noob at skyblock and i have a nooby island ill use this <E>:D</E></r>


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May 6, 2015
Re: Skyblocks Tips, Tricks, & Information (Temp location)

<t>So, I sound like a complete noob here, but what is skyblock? I've never played on a skyblock server, so whats the difference?</t>
May 31, 2015
Re: Skyblocks Tips, Tricks, & Information (Temp location)

<r>Skyblock is kind of the ultimate survival situation, you're put on an island with very limited resources and you have to complete challenges to gain new resources. Any items or money you have in survival will not carry over to skyblocks so everyone starts fresh there =)<br/>
It's a fun challenge, and in the beginning you might fall... a lot. Get in the habit of putting items in your chest and only carrying the immediate essentials. If you can quickly do /is you might avoid death if you fall. Once you have more resources you expand your island, create areas for farms, areas that animals and mobs will spawn in on, etc.<br/>
I believe the ranks are almost finished and there are just a few more tweaks to do and it will be open <E>[15]</E> <br/>
Can't wait to see some awesome new islands! <E>[13]</E></r>


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May 6, 2015
Re: Skyblocks Tips, Tricks, & Information (Temp location)

<t>Sounds cool. I am not very good at parkour, so I imagine staying on the island will be the hardest part for me. Lol</t>
May 31, 2015
Once you make your cobblestone generator you can make unlimited slabs and you can easily expand your island and make some walls so you don't have to worry about that too much as you progress.

[24] Also shift will be your best friend lol

PS I epicly suck at parkour (like can't even make the first jump kind of epicly suck) (like yeah it makes Rave laugh kind of epicly suck) (and it makes the kids feel so bad they offer to help me through it...) and I still find skyblocks a lot of fun lol