Runic Universe 5.0 is Getting Closer


There is no set date yet, but it's coming soon! We're only waiting on one or two more plugins. Until then, take a look at everything that's coming with the map reset!
The survival world will be completely reset and in 1.13!

What's changing?

  • All balances reset
  • New values of items
  • Unlimited server store (/warp store)
  • Revamped BossShop (/bs or /shop)
  • Nerfed job incomes
  • Nerfed killer money amounts
  • New prices (and items) in casino (/warp casino)
Claim System
  • Out with regions and /claim, and in with Residence! You will be able to easily claim your own land, rent or sell it, finally see the bounds of your claim, and much more! No more overlapping claims and tedious commands.
  • Brand new spawn that is smaller and easier to navigate
  • Updated clubhouses
  • New secrets
  • Warps to wild areas, faiths, & the town
  • Graves area
  • Crates area
  • New town full of secret quests and places to explore
  • Library with guides to plugins and commands
  • Pet store to learn more about MyPet
  • Donation Center (anyone can donate, but now only Seeker, Runner, & Singer can collect donated items)
  • Jobs building
  • Brewery building (with full recipe/guide book)
  • Server store
  • Warp to player stores
  • Prison with PvP to play in
  • Newstand for Higgi's news
  • Building dedicated to Runic's donators
  • With a new map, new /wild warps have been made. Teleport easily to each biome!
  • In addition to the Runic crate, Slimefun parts crate, and Slimefun crate, there are now 5 more crates. Animal & food crates can be purchased in the server store. Dragon, Faith, and Adventure crates are also available at /warp crates.
  • Capture the Flag is gone :(
  • New mob arena: Colosseum. It contains custom-made bosses, including a wither!
  • Balance reset
  • mcMMO skill levels reduced, not completely reset
  • Jobs reset, but your masteries are saved
  • New player stats, but you can look back at your old ones
  • Donator ranks, player ranks, and tokens are not reset
  • Souls reset
  • Inventory reset
  • Ender chest reset
  • All players who die in grave-enabled worlds and have non-empty inventories will drop a grave with their skull
  • All players can break their own graves to get their stuff back
  • Deaths in lava or water will leave a grave at the first air pocket above the coords where the death happened
  • Rank Runner and above can break other players' graves
    • Doing so will spawn a zombie
  • Any player can right click a grave to get info about it
  • Players get the /gravy list command to list their graves
  • Pets with MyPet plugin
  • Implemented CMI plugin
  • Updated donator ranks/perks
  • Borderlands will remain in outer areas of the map
  • And of course, everything that 1.13 brings with it!!
Keep checking for updates!