Runic Paradise 5.0 Launch Date Announced!


Hey everyone! We're finally are able to stop saying "soon" and let you all know when!

We're going to do a "soft-opening", where everything will be reset, but not all of Runic's content will be available. There will most likely be bugs all across the board. This will occur on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH. You're welcome to come and start your new survival builds and start exploring - and you can help us squash those bugs in the process! These bugs shouldn't impact anything too heavily on your reset and starting experience in Runic Kingdom (the new name for the survival map!).

As a refresh - here is what is being reset!

  • Inventories
  • Enderchest
  • Balances
  • Soft reset on McMMo levels
  • Job levels reset (masteries are kept though)
  • Survival world (duh)

Here's what's new!

  • New spawn
  • New town
  • New warps and system
  • New 1.13 survival world
  • New EL locations
  • New plugins
  • New perks
  • New 1.13 maze - Aqua Maze
  • New "Quests"
  • New rankup requirements
  • New economy and Server shop
  • New boss shop (/bs)
  • New Grave system
  • ...And a lot more in the works!!
(for more specific information on what's being reset and what's new, check out Deb's previous post HERE. )

After we're confident in everything and all is well server wise, we plan on do a full scale launch event - which will most likely occur a week after our soft-opening.
For the launch event, there will be raffles and prizes throughout the day - with special rewards for everyone who logs on to play! :)
We hope to see you all during our opening week! Check back for more information on the official launch day!!



Staff member
Dec 22, 2015
There also might a my cake maze, eventually, coming to Runic Kingdom. It's finished -- just waiting on Coast or Rune with it. :)