Ban Appeal

Mar 18, 2020
well i was playing with ToothlessBTW on a different server, and toothlessBTW wanted to steal somebodies stuff and we did that and then he betrayed me by saying it was my idea when they found out, and then I just wanted revenge so i logged in to his account and then I just clicked on runic paradise to get him banned cause i was angry and then I got permanently banned for swearing in a family friendly server while ToothlessBTW wasn't punished. And I'm truly sorry about everything


The Reptilian Elder Moderator of Doom
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Aug 23, 2015
Freemason headquarters
Freemason headquarters
First of all, what happens on a different server has nothing to do with what we do on Runic, and is not a mitigating factor in any way, especially since the events here were entirely one-sided.

Secondly, you were not banned for swearing alone, you were banned for impersonating another player by using their credentials without permission to get them banned. You attempted to get another player falsely punished by breaking as many rules as you could in their name. This is among the most punishable offenses on the list.

Additionally, this was not your first ban offense, you have been previously banned for griefing, and then given another chance on the promise that we would not see any more trouble from you. With this, you glaringly broke your promise, putting your word's worth at not much at all.

So lastly, I'm not convinced. Carrying out revenge on your friend about something personal in a way that ruins the fun of others as well is not explanation enough to land you back in. If you're truly determined to play here again you can appeal again at a later date with more of your punishment behind, with more time to think about the consequences of your actions.