1. Rune

    Runic Reset News

    Hello Runic citizens and friends! Due to the confusion that has ensued the last few months, staff has agreed to publish what exactly will be resetting in these next few weeks. Old player stats will be immortalized and stats will start anew. Inventory, souls, money and map will all be getting a...
  2. Rune

    Winter Raffle Winners

    The Winter Raffle has closed, and the drawing has been completed. Players had the chance to win a maximum of 3 out of the 16 prizes! And the winners have been selected early. Here they are: TheTachyon enzem SLOJAVI Piglover890 Dudepig64 007_James_007 Dudepig64 herbykit SLOJAVI rollie123...
  3. Rune

    Bottled Exp!

    Check out Runic Paradise Survival's newest plugin! Bottled Exp allows players to store their experience in bottles o' enchanting. Simply left click an enchantment table with a glass bottle, or try out some of the new commands with /bottle!