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  1. Deb

    2020 Summer Creative Contest Winners!

    Runic's longest creative contest yet, the 2020 Summer Creative Contest has finally ended! With a challenging theme of Amusement Parks and Funfairs, players competed against each other to build the most impressive, most fun amusement parks known to Minecraftkind--and we were not disappointed. All...
  2. Deb

    Skyblock & Creative on 1.16!

    Our Skyblock and Creative worlds have been updated to 1.16! Build with new blocks on Creative or complete new challenges on Skyblock to explore some Minecraft's newest additions! The Survival world is close behind, so keep your eyes open for that update too! 😸
  3. Deb

    Castle for Sale [SOLD]

    Castle for sale! Castle is built out of wool and stone. See pictures: This castle is located on a small island in the north-east section of the Runic Universe survival map, at x:8600 z:-9300. It is in the Borderlands. It comes with the farms and a guardian farm (see pictures below)...
  4. Deb

    Build Contest Winners

    Thanks for the contest, Higgi!!!
  5. Runic Universe Faith Tutorial

    Runic Universe Faith Tutorial

    Quick tutorial to the Runic Universe faith system.
  6. Deb

    Short Guide to Pets

    Masters can have parrot pets! Dukes can have wolf pets! Barons can have iron golem pets! Anyone can vote for a chance to win a wither skeleton pet! You can purchase a pet with /petshop. Sometimes pets get hungry. To feed them, right click your pet with a type of food that they eat! Parrots...
  7. Deb

    [POLL] Tell us what you want to have happen with McMMO!

    Hey guys! I'm still excited to finally have Runic survival in 1.13! It's been a rocky start with lots of bugs and issues, but we're getting through them all pretty quickly. Thanks for your patience and your help! A lot of you have been wanting McMMO to come back. It is still being discussed, but...
  8. Deb

    [Game] Count to 301

    It's believed that it takes 43 muscles to frown.
  9. Deb

    Runic Universe 5.0 is Getting Closer

    There is no set date yet, but it's coming soon! We're only waiting on one or two more plugins. Until then, take a look at everything that's coming with the map reset! The survival world will be completely reset and in 1.13! What's changing? Economy All balances reset New values of items...
  10. Deb

    [Game] Count to 301

    I did. All 9 of them.
  11. Deb

    Aquatic Server Reset

    Yes, the map will be entirely reset, along with all balances. Everything below is what we have discussed and planned on doing, so it is possible that things will change. Nothing is set in stone. But here's what we have planned: Job levels will be reset as well, although your masteries will be...
  12. Deb

    Spring Raffle 2017

    Update!! Flora Cave has now been opened! Explore the cave and find eight hidden areas. Win up to 700 tickets!! Check it out at /warp raffle. (Special thanks to PenguinHax and CrocodileHax for creating the cave)
  13. Deb

    [Game] Make a Wish and Have It Corrupted

    Wish granted, but this caused me to go mad and so the world to become a darker place and then it collapsed under the evil dictator that is myself. I wish death would turn into a bug
  14. Deb

    Deb | Land for Sale

    Done. Find me ingame and we'll make the trade. :)
  15. Deb

    MobCatcher Protection

    MobCatcher Protection Our newest ranks include the awesome ability of catching mobs with eggs and being able to respawn them in new areas. To protect your animals from being stolen by egg, there is a method you can use that is easier than keeping them in a box. First, bring a sign to your...
  16. Deb

    Deb | Land for Sale

    Zombie Grinder SOLD Price: 10-25k or highest offer Material Value: Undetermined Time to Build: Under 1 hour Location: Underground/Not Borderlands See me ingame if you want to see it in person Powered by lever If interested in buying, post here or contact me ingame - - - Massive Farmland...
  17. Deb

    [Game] Make a Wish and Have It Corrupted

    Wish granted, but his awkwardness had to be transferred to you to be removed!! I wish I had more time.
  18. Deb

    Spring Raffle 2017

    Update!! The third quest island, "Saving the Lost", has been released! Win 200 tickets by completing it! Check it out at /warp raffle.
  19. Deb

    Spring Raffle 2017

    (Check out the News Post here: Hello everyone! Runic is once again hosting a raffle where players have the chance to win amazing prizes. I bring you the Spring Raffle! Everyone is allowed to enter. Prizes! There are 12 prizes; only 6 to...
  20. Deb

    Deb | Land for Sale

    In this thread, I'll be showing pictures and information on builds I'm looking to sell. Check back for updates :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ice Castle SOLD Price: Best offer greater than material...