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    2014 crew

    I appreciate it! I'm on Discord more than I'd like to say, haha.
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    2014 crew

    So, it's been a bit, but who's active nowadays? I have a computer that can run this game, and will be on a bit. My oldest will also be playing. Walking around, could we used a version update and server wipe? What say ye?
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    Tq is here.

    Welcome! Good to see some new faces on Runic!
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    So Fresh, So Clean!

    For sure. I'm 36. Welcome!
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    Hello Runic Paradise

    Hi there, I'm apexed77, and I have been playing Minecraft more than I care to admit for awhile now. I also enjoy sushi and fine croissants. But I digress. I play on a couple of servers, and have a core group of MC friends that I enjoy talking to. I hope to add a few new names to that short...
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    Greetings Fellow Crafters

    Welcome, Jambaugh! Let the building commence!