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  1. HiggiMC

    Catacomb Maze

    The new maze titled, "Catacomb" is now officially open! Come explore the catacombs underneath spawn! (You'll have to find the entrance in /spawn!)
  2. HiggiMC

    Four Corners Maze

    The new maze titled, "Four Corners" is now officially open! Check it out at /games 3. With four different mazes inside of one, it just shows that you should really come and check it out! Maze created by HiggiMC
  3. HiggiMC

    New guy

    Hello! We are excited to have you on the server :) Just make sure to follow the rules, and you'll have a GREAT time! If you need anything - please let us know ~Higgi
  4. HiggiMC

    Survival Building Contest

    I am super excited to announce a build contest for the server -- survival edition! That's right this competition is completely survival building. You can find some info in-game at /warp SurvContest and most of the info at The...
  5. HiggiMC

    Survival Building Contest

    After much requesting from players, there will be another building contest -- survival style! Rules: 1) Don't cheat any materials in 2) All builds must follow server rules (no inappropriate builds!) 3) Submit Via Mail 4) Have Fun! They are pretty simple rules. To submit your build just /mail...
  6. HiggiMC

    Winter Raffle Winners Announced

    After a few weeks of players earning and buying tickets, I am happy to announce the results of the Winter Raffle! Winners can pick up their prize(s) at /warp Raffle. The winners are listed below with the amount of tickets they earned and/or purchased in parentheses. 8hu (220) G_Mannn (915)...
  7. HiggiMC


    Merry Christmas to you guys! Its been a great year so far! Thanks for all the fun memories :) <3 Higgi
  8. HiggiMC

    J80P invited me

    We are super happy to have you here :) If you need anything or have any questions -- feel free to ask! I look forward to interactions in-game HiggiMC :)
  9. HiggiMC

    I'm new

    Totally fine! We are so happy to have you here :) If you need anything or have any questions -- feel free to ask! I'll hopefully see you in-game HiggiMC
  10. HiggiMC

    Winter Raffle Open!

    After much preparation, the Winter Raffle is now open!!!! You can check out the prizes at /warp Raffle. You can purchase up to 1,000 tickets for 500R each with the /raffle command, and you can win even more from staff by competing in contests or from good behavior. You never know when a staff...
  11. HiggiMC

    Whats up?

    We are so happy to have you here on Runic! If you ever need anything - just let us know! :) I'll look forward to interacting with you in-game :)
  12. HiggiMC

    [Game] Count to 301

  13. HiggiMC

    [Game] Count to 301

  14. HiggiMC

    Ban Appeal

    You are now unbanned.
  15. HiggiMC

    Who are the players that have the longest tenure on the server and still play?

    I've been here since July of 2015 and I play just about every day :)
  16. HiggiMC

    Holiday EL Island

    I'm excited to announce that after a lot of preparation and hard work, a Holiday Themed Explorers League island is now open! Use /explore to see if you are close to a spot, and you can get a varying amount of tokens to spend the Prize Carnival, for each spot you find. You can access it from a...
  17. HiggiMC

    new to here

    Hello :) Welcome! Let us know if you have any questions?
  18. HiggiMC

    Questions about /fix

    I've noticed this problem as well, I'd definitely put this in the bugs channel on discord. If a staff member knows more about this, please reply :) Hopefully we can find a fix soon :) Thanks for reporting it tcraw!
  19. HiggiMC

    [Game] Count to 301

    103 is 301 backwards